premium rums

Legendary Men.

Legendary Spirits.

We make Rum for ourselves. What we don’t drink, we proudly offer to you.

Rekker™ Silver Rum is a extraordinarily pure expression of sugar cane subtly. Using the first passes of the cane juice instead of molasses, this organic super premium Rum is distilled with a fierce commitment to perfection, creating a Rum that is intriguing, smooth, and elegant in its finish. The way Rum was originally made in the Caribbean by the french, Rekker™ premium silver Rum is made for the discerning palate, for those who don’t compromise on quality nor on taste –a superior premium Rum to be enjoyed over rocks or for intensifying your favorite cocktail.

Rekker™ super premium silver Rum is created for the worlds best mixologists and Rum drinkers alike.



Rekker™ is a modern play of an ancient Nordic word that means Warrior. It seemed fitting that the story of our adventurers traveling the world both then and now, should reflect the legendary men who make it. Our team travelled extensively seeking mash bills, which met exacting standards in order to provide spirits that we truly loved and wished to share with others.


We are proud to have a fun and truly unique name that like us, is based in truth. Rekker™ speaks of the bold men who make it and the history of Rum. We coveted this historical knowledge of original recipes as well as the oral and written history that brought these Rums to us in the many familiar forms that you may enjoy.

During our travels, we learned some secrets, unravelled some mysteries and started to understand that all was often clouded during translation from other languages. We saw the spirits we sought to make go by many names, in many languages, and originate in multiple countries around the world while all claiming it theirs.


The importance of language didn’t go unnoticed. Today our entire portfolio embodies this warrior and wanderer spirit of our founders. Now you can discover where we were inspired and why in every glass. Drink and learn how the old world meant this Rum to be; without compromise for ingredients, time or process - Rekker™.

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