Fall of 2019 a beautifully decorated distillery located in the heart of St. Petersburg’s Warehouse Art District will open to the estimated 31 million annual visitors that come to enjoy the area’s dazzling beaches and sunshine. Add an exciting Whisky Experience to the list of things a visitor must do while in town.

The concept of a Whiskey Tour is not new, but our version of a Whiskey Experience has a new spin. Imagine the excitement created when visitors discover who is making the spirits and talking to them during their visit? We don’t lead with the men, but their story is legendary. It won’t take long to learn that they are the same men featured in documentaries, books, and movies. These are genuine people doing what they love after a career of service. Their humor and spirit for life are contagious. The spirits are delicious.

Our adventurous distillers visited some of the best distilleries in the world with names like Glenfiddich, Bushmills, Jim Beam, Macallan, Jameson, Wild Turkey, Makers Mark and Talisker to name but a few. Europe and the USA weren’t enough. We also traveled to Cuba, Eastern Europe, and South and Central America to countless places with names many haven’t yet heard of. Taking the features admired most from each; we have incorporated affects into this 16,000 sq. foot space. The casual visitor will enjoy a taste of all of these journeys in one stop lasting a leisurely hour or two. After all, those top brands mentioned and regional favorites didn’t achieve their status by accident, their facility helped create that enduring success and we are following that same proven path with our legendary spirits at American Freedom.

Loyal brand ambassadors who visit us in increasing numbers daily are simply good business for everyone. What does our Whiskey Experience afford the aficionado and novice alike? We promise an assault on the five senses with exotic smells, tastes, sounds, and sights. They will be able to touch the copper stills, smell the earthy grains, and see the golden barrels. They will hear the history and embrace the visual art housed in the facility. A friendly and family oriented tour that we hope instills joy and the understanding that Whiskey is the glue that cements the moments we all celebrate in our life. All lead by the men authentic American heroes whose true story resonates.

St. Petersburg is American Freedom’s brand experience and supports our three pillars: The loyal drinker who seeks knowledge and expertise, the distributor partners who want to differentiate brands and increase sales, and the bar owners who want educated staff and help marketing. All are welcome as well as our competitive artisan distillers growing in numbers regionally.

We seek knowledge and our continued growth requires that we share confidently our competitors spirits along side our own creations to solicit feedback. We do listen to our consumers and make what we like. This open door to our world will create a Tsunami of good will.

American Freedom Distillery brand ambassadors pull our spirits through the distributor system by requesting them on and off premises when they get home; whether they live in the Bay area, greater Florida, outside our state or are an international visitor. This experience is going to benefit those who simply can’t get to the places we have already traveled to. It helps them understand every decision we made along the way to that bottle they have in their hand. It allows our experience and passion to become theirs when it is shared. Whether it is the visitor, the bar owner or the distributor all are welcome as if we are old friends. Our band of brothers and our family awaits your visit.

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